David Serrano

"Music is not what I do; IT'S WHO I AM"

Las Vegas Nevada

Co-Creator and Resident DJ at Drais' Paradise Beachclub

140+ Shows Per Year

3+ Years of the beach club day party

House Music

Co-Founder of MY HOUSE - Only house music venue on the Strip

DJ Since 1993

Resident DJ at club Magic Circus in Mexico City, MX

DJ | Producer

Collaborated with many artists and performers

Some of the names...

DJ Dan, Mark Knight, D-Unity, Dr Motte, Sonny Fodera, Terry Mullan, Jesse Saunders, and many more



March 16, 2016

Awarded Best Producer by House Music Dj Awards 2016

Best Producer 2016 

ONE to watch  2015

best Pool party drais paradise 2016

Best Underground Afterhours TRU 2015

October 31, 2016

NEW releases On SoulSupplement Records

I’ve decided to make October “Local Las Vegas Artist Month” so team Soulsupplement is releasing two Eps instead of one. The final Ep titled “Moving On” is from one of my favorite cats in town David Serrano  decided to jump into the production side of the business and I’m super excited to see where he take it. David Serrano is one of the hardest working guys in the game and their word is good as gold.

I hope you enjoy. 
-Bruno Browning

March 10, 2015

Local Track Of The Month Las Vegas Weekly

Mike Prevatt

A quick sampling of local producer/DJ David Serrano’s Soundcloud page reveals a versatility within the non-commercial realm of electronic dance music. Earlier this week, the resident at Urban Turban’s Warp LV party revealed his hard-driving techno side with his remix of Hawk’s “Soldier.” And then there’s his straight-up house preferences, showcased beautifully on “Moving On,” . Multiple vocal samples—including the echoey, dominant one exclaiming “I’m moving on!”—lay atop a repeating five-note synth melody, swinging bassline, sharp high-hat and four-on-the-floor slaps. Given the current fixation on tech and minimal house, it’s nice to hear something a little more soulful.

March 16, 2015

TRU Afterhours Brings the Underground Scene Off the Strip

Assisting Arabo in all things lighting, sound and programming is creative director Neil Kull, formerly lighting director of Light Group and a veteran of the Chicago underground scene with 23 years of nightlife industry experience. “It’s a 360-degree omnidirectional show, a more traditional nightclub style that immerses the audience from all sides,” Kull says of what he’s created for TRU. “These days, everything is moving toward a single focal point—i.e., a stage—forcing the audience to only look in one direction. Problem is, those shows lose cohesion when you’re not in direct line of sight. TRU’s show will look complete from every point of view in the room. The audience becomes the star.”

Assisting Kull with talent is promoter Utopia, who specializes in desert parties and underground music festivals. Their aim is to establish an inclusive, artistic underground vibe as the baseline, with a wild, costumed and themed desert-style music fest each weekend. Already on board are resident DJs Vixen and David Serrano.